Shika B

PES University - BSc Psychology (honours)

Short Bio:

She is cool, fun loving girl. She tries to go beyond her limits to achieve her level best. Contributes relevantly in group discussions. She is innovative and displays her creative side during oral presentations.

College Info:

PES University, located in Bangalore, India is one of the country’s leading teaching and research universities. The University is committed to providing “navigation for the real world” that inspires students to find their true north.PES University is ranked fifth in the Outlook-ICARE India University Rankings 2020 and is the only University in Karnataka to rank in the top 30.

Course Info:

Psychology currently is one of the ever-growing science disciplines with increasing demand for professionals globally. As psychology studies the conscious and unconscious human mind, Psychologists are involved in understanding the physiological process of the brain and behaviour. Psychology Honours at PES offers you optional modules such as Clinical, Health, Neuropsychology, Organisational Psychology, Forensic Psychology and Sports Psychology.Unlike the 3 years B.Sc. programme offered at other colleges, the Psychology 4-year Hons degree has a curriculum that puts the prime focus on studying Psychology. The curriculum is meticulously developed to provide the best of traditional and upcoming fields of psychology.

Tuition Fees :

~1.25 lakhs