Shreenivasan M.

University of Aberdeen - Law (LLB) Scots Law with English Law

Short Bio:

He is a quick learner and has an open-minded to perspectives and views. He is earnest and possesses clarity of thoughts which reflects in his academic works. He is dynamic and constantly seeks for opportunities to improvise him.

College Info:

Teaching at the University of Aberdeen is organised across 12 schools which encompass a broad range of disciplines. Multidisciplinary research centres and institutes bring together experts at the cutting-edge of their fields to work with colleagues across the UK and beyond.Most teaching at the University of Aberdeen takes place at our two main campuses, located in Old Aberdeen and at Foresterhill. Multi-million pound investment across the University provides students and researchers with some of the best facilities in the UK.

Course Info:

Our degree in Law with English Law is taught via a selection of courses designed to enhance your learning and prepare you for a future career or further study. A key element of this degree is the choice it offers you in respect of your future decisions regarding the legal profession. Although no longer a formal prerequisite for qualifying as a solicitor, our Law with English Law degree will cover most of the relevant subjects and skills to be tested in the SQE. It can then be supplemented by taking a dedicated SQE preparation course, either at the University of Aberdeen (a potential offering for this is currently under consideration) or through an external provider (the SRA maintains a list of external providers). Completing the Law with English Law degree additionally gives you a Scots Law qualification, should you wish to practise law in Scotland.

Tuition Fees :

~ £20,800 / year