Rajagiri College of Management and Applied Sciences -

Short Bio:
Pranathi is a consistent performer. She has a thirst for knowledge and is always eager to pursue new challenges. She is an exceptional student of well above average ability in relation to her peers. Pranathi was always eager to participate in class discussions and has a very inquisitive mind. Pranathi is equally skilled in co-curricular activities too. She has showcased her talent in music, dance and drama during cultural fests held in our school. She has indeed won prizes for her creativity and contribution to the school magazine.Pranathi is not focused on her own self-interest. She has repeatedly shown herself to be a compassionate, dedicated individual with the interest of the entire class at heart. She maintained a cordial relationship with the teachers and is punctual in her academics.

About College:
Rajagiri College of Management and Applied Sciences is the latest addition to the Rajagiri group of institutions. It is an affiliated college offering undergraduate degrees conferred by Mahatma Gandhi University.

About Course:
B.Com (Finance and Taxation) (Model I) This is an academic course which focusing on finance and tax management strategies. The students acquire specialized theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of finance and taxation which will equip them to advance to higher studies. B.Com (Finance and Taxation) (Model II) A vocational course with special emphasis on skill development for employability. The specialty of this stream is the internship in business organization, as a mandatory requirement of the curriculum,envisaged to enhance their practical knowledge in the areas of finance and taxation. B.Com (Computer Application) (Model I) Students, who opt B.Com (Computer Application) learn not only the subjects of Commerce and Management, but also become proficient in the use of accounting software for their professional requirements. The unique combination of Commerce and Computer Application helps them to become smart and employable.

Fees and other Financial data about the college:
Total ₹98,970

About the country and cost of living in the country:
Rs. 17,950