Pavithra Bhaskaran

Dy Patil School Of Biotechnology - B. Tech Biotechnology

Short Bio:

Pavithra is one of the most caring and driven student. she believes passionately in social progress and working for the common good. She demonstrated tremendous effort and growth and brought a great energy to class. She has that combination of a positive attitude and the belief that she can always improve that’s rare in a high school student, but so essential to the learning process. Its sure that she will continue to display the same commitment and diligence in everything she does. Pavi truly demonstrated a growth mindset, and inspired her peers to adopt that valuable perspective, too.

About College:

The School of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, a constituent unit of Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil University was established in June 2003, with a vision to produce quality minds capable of strengthening and broadening the base of Biotechnology in India. The mission is to equip the students with extraordinary skills for life, making them not just job seekers but also job creators. The School is a prominent and impressive 12-storeyed landmark structure sprawling a built up area of 64,000 sq. feet situated in Sector 15, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. The School houses 12 state of the art laboratories and 14 lecture halls augmented with sophisticated audio-visual aids. The School is headed by Prof. Debjani Dasgupta (Former Head, School of Biochemistry, The Institute of Science, Mumbai). She brings with her a vast and rich experience spanning more than 2 decades in academics and research. The School hosts more than 50 highly qualified faculties who endeavor to provide world class education to students. Facilitate students to clear major concepts and principles in the Chemical, Physical and life sciences that provide a solid foundation for understanding the advances in the field of biotechnology. Integrate the course work knowledge to research and industry based work. Assist understanding of legal issues affecting biotechnology and other science-based industries, Expertise in tools and techniques in various fields of biotechnology. Ability to work in team or independently in laboratory and written/oral presentations. Understand the need to learn professional biotechnology literature for purposes of research for projects and individual class topics. Attain technical proficiency, and communication skills for graduate/professional advanced education.

Course Info:

Biotech education is the key to sustainable development and the conservation of planet Earth. Be it creation of artificial life, stem cell research or gene mapping, biotechnology and bioinformatics have revolutionized our lives. Spectacular discoveries and advancements in biotechnology have led to the development of any array of products in the area of healthcare, agriculture and environment. To integrate the knowledge of biology for developing technologies for food, pharma and healthcare industries. To impart knowledge for understanding of legal issues affecting biotechnology industries.
To enhance expertise in tools and techniques in various fields of biotechnology. To help students attain technical proficiency and communication skills for graduate /professional advanced education.

Course Fee:
Total fee for four years Rs. 8,10,000/-

Living Cost:
Rs 24,180