Rudra Narasiman

The Michigan University - Physics

Short Bio:

Rudra Narsiman is an extremely talented student. He is enthusiastic about literary activities. His contribution to the School magazine in the form of articles, creatively designing the cover page and layout, initiative in class presentations, active participation in debates, book review, movie review, oral presentation among his peer group, showcases that Rudra has proclivity towards English language.He keeps himself updated about the current topics related to Literature, Language and Culture by being a voracious reader. Due to his indepth knowledge, which is a result of meticulous research and extensive reading, he unanimously becomes the chosen candidate for any presentations or discussions. Rudra’s inclination towards exploring literary topics and themes led him to be fascinated by feminism which was triggered by the exposure to articles, reviews , speeches, Ted talks by eminent feminist like Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Chimamanda to name a few. The concept of identity and freedom caught his imagination, as in real life he is in the process of creating one for himself , with the pitfalls of misunderstanding , trust in relationships, confining to rules , regulations and expectations(from the institution, peer group, family and society) which he could connect and relate to in his Extended essay.Gifted with an analytical mind, he is quick at grasping the context and meaning of any given text or situation, though at times he needs guidance to read in between the lines . Being equipped with analytical skills complimented with creativity, he remained a popular student among his peer group. Rudra’s innate desire to explore the less trodden areas ignites him to come up with new perspectives, which was evident in most of his internal assignments, especially the written tasks where he had experimented with Old English.His progress in communication and socializing skills is noteworthy. Though reserved and comfortable with only a select group of students, Rudra gives his best when it comes to intellectual discussions, be it group activities within the class, CAS or MUN’s(IIMUN,HMUN). As he believes, it is much more fun and knowledgeable to interact with others , regardless of any age group and most important to express with confidence, which fetched him the Best Delegate award at the IIMUN. As a person, he is inquisitive, honest, committed, competitive, focused with a positive attitude, open-minded, meticulous, organized and a go-getter, which is justified in his consistent diligent performance to be the topper of the school.He is a genuine all-rounder with leadership qualities.

College Info:

The University of Michigan often simply referred to as Michigan, is a public research university in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The University of Michigan is the state’s oldest university, founded in 1817. Considered one of the foremost research universities in the United States,[8] Michigan is classified as one of 115 Doctoral Universities with Very High Research by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.[9] Its comprehensive graduate program offers doctoral degrees in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as well as professional degrees in architecture, business, medicine, law, pharmacy, nursing, social work, public health, and dentistry.

Course Info:

Physics majors go on to: graduate work in physics or another field, employment in industry, software development, or associated field    professional school in medicine, business, law, or associated area. Completing an undergraduate degree in physics will give you a rich understanding of how the world works. It will also prepare you either for continued study in graduate or professional school, or for careers in industry, education, medicine, and finance. The University of Michigan physics program is ranked 11th in the country.

Course Fee:
In-State Tuition: Fees $13,856 USD
Out-of-State Tuition: Fees $43,476 USD

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