Roshni Durai

Kursk State Medical University - MD - General Medicine

Short Bio:
She is a compassionate student with praiseworthy perseverance, ambition and remains steadfast in her cheerfulness, calmness and dependability.   Her ability to work efficiently under stressful conditions speaks volumes about her determination.  She has a positive attitude that helps her accomplish whatever task she has been assigned.  She has exhibited a rare combination of speed and accuracy maintaining very high standards for quality and willingly accepts new assignments where she works independently without close supervision in an extremely timely and conscientious manner.She is dynamic, creative and a go getter.  She has the courage to take initiative and back her point of view with research evidence.  She is well liked by her friends and is easy going and enjoys life.  One can see her taking active participation in all the areas of a school life along with academics.  She was in school editorial team, quiz team, delegate in IIMUN as well as HMUN, part of the school DP band and a good trained dancer in traditional Indian as well as western styles. She is highly independent thinker and very persuasive once she believes in something.  She has always excelled academically and has performed her best.  She has been always very interested in the various school activities and participated in them very actively.

College Info:
Kursk State Medical University is a Russia Government University of higher professional education and ministry on health and social medicine. Kursk State Medical University also known as Kursk State Medical Institute; KSMU;  The university is listed in the WHO list of world medical schools and also in the International Medical education directory provided by FAIMER. Established in 1935, Kursk State Medical Academy is one of the largest medical universities in Russia and in Europe (ranked as one of the top 10 best Russian Medical Universities). KSMU was also the first University in Russia to offer students a full Medical training program in the English language.

Course Info:
The program is designed to train qualified physicians oriented to the practice of medicine. Standardised patients are used to evaluate medical students and residents ability to take patient histories, communicate with patients, and determine diagnosis and treatment. The curriculum offers a six-year program leading to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.

Course Fee: 
6200 USD per year

Living Cost: 
100 US Dollars per month