Midhuna Varrshini V.P

Regents University - BA Global Management

Short Bio:

Midhuna has always been a hardworking and sincere student who exhibits a profound interest in understanding concepts.  The IBDP is a course that requires a high degree of self-autonomy from the student’s side and I have witnessed her tenacity to complete all given tasks within the given deadline first hand.  Her mini-dissertation based on Business Management was also well received by the IB. In the process of completing her dissertation, she has displayed highly satisfactory research skills that include critical thinking, application of relevant theories, effective citation and a deep understanding of the subject.In class, Midhuna is quiet but attentive.  However, when she is required to take part in a debate, I have noticed that she rises to the occasion without qualms. Many times, her Business Management teacher has brought her proclivity for the subject and the keen interest she displays in deconstructing case studies in class to my attention.  Though BM is definitely her favouritesubject, she has displayed an ability to remain focused irrespective of the nature of the task given to her.  One of her best qualities is her willingness to accept criticism and strive to submit a better draft or even rewrite an entire task if necessary. Midhuna is a good team player and was involved in many extra-curricular activities in the school.  She has been an active participant in rallies, marathons, academic and non-academic intra-school activities.

College Info:

Regent’s University London (formerly Regent’s College) is a non-profit private university located in London, United Kingdom. It was established in 1984 as Regent’s College. In 1985 it acquired the former South Villa Estate campus of the University of London’s Bedford College in Regent’s Park. Regent’s University London received taught degree awarding powers in 2012 and became a university in 2013.It is one of five private universities in the UK. The university has its campus in Regent’s Park, Central London.  

Course Info:
BA (Hons) Global Management is a fresh, integrative and transformative degree programme that will equip you with the business acumen and crucial skills needed for success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. An innovative challenge-based curriculum will enable you to develop as a creative leader, able to harness the opportunities of new technology in a global context. The programme offers a distinctive, experience-based curriculum, with challenges at each level that cut across modules and disciplines.

Course Fee:
£21,000 / Year