Kunal Geed

Erasmus university -Bsc economics & econometrics (double degree)

Short Bio:
Kunal Geed is a student who is diligent and caring. He was always open to correction, with a determination to excel that has led Kunal to be an achiever. His name was the first to be suggested as the Head delegate for the TIPS MUN team representation at HMUN.  As a reliable leader, he was instrumental in the implementation and growth of the TIPS student newsletter and the editorial team. His valuable contribution as a core member of the TIPS organising committee in hosting cultural fests, managing the budget for the food stalls and emceeing for sports events at school, shows his commitment towards maintaining the trust level entrusted upon him.Kunal’s concern towards social issues exhibits his caring side. He actively participated in the Anti-Female infanticide rally raising the slogan ‘Adoption for Abortion’. Through his CAS activities he has raised money for Charity and has worked with the MJC students. As a person who is interested in debates, he strongly voiced his views about global issues and presented solutions as part of the UNECE committee at HMUN.His innate desire to share knowledge was exemplified when he opted for school internship to assist in facilitating certain concepts in Chemistry and Mathematics to his juniors. As a student, in the class he was a team person helping his peer group and his juniors pooling in his expertise in the areas of interest like science and Economics for better understanding. He was one among the students who were shortlisted to share their experience with the procedures, criteria and expectations for the University admissions with the juniors which was well received.Kunal has other interests too, proving to be a versatile person. He is a voracious reader and loves to watch movies and play video games. He is a foodie. He loves adventure and has participated twice in NALS(National Adventure and Leadership School). His sports skills were put to test in the intra-school basket- ball matches. He is fond of music and is a jovial person, at times witty also.He is a responsible and a trustworthy student who has always strived for excellence.

College Info:
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) is the business school of the prestigious Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). Founded in 1913, EUR is home to the first Nobel Prize winner in economic sciences, Jan Tinbergen. Today, the university is esteemed worldwide for its medical, economics, law and business segments. In addition to RSM, it hosts institutes such as the Erasmus School of Economics and the Erasmus MC University Medical Centre. Erasmus University today is seen as the leading university in Econometrics and Operational Research. Jan Tinbergen, Nobel Prize winner for Economics (1969), and Henri Theil founded the Econometric Institute and influenced both Econometrics & Management Science. Tinbergen’s theories also had a political inclination, with multiple objectives of price stability and employment and policies to achieve the desired results and stabilizing the economy.            

Course Info:
The BSc² Econometrics/Economics program covers both worldwide issues related to economics and business and the application of mathematical and statistical techniques to help answer economic questions.The double degree program enables you to complete two entire three-year bachelor program in four years. In a program with extra lectures and exams, you can earn two BSc degrees in two thirds of the original time.With these extra lectures and exams, you acquire an average of 66 credits each year instead of the standard 60 credits. What’s more, after completion you can either proceed with one or with two master programs. The BSc² Econometrics/ Economics is a small scale program that facilitates personal attention and intensive guidance.

Course Fee: 
8,800 EUR/year

Living Cost: 
760 – 1,270 EUR/month