V. Sidhaarth

J.K.K.Nattraja Dental College and Hospital - BDS

College Info:

Thiru. J.K.K.Natarajah, the founder of these educational institutions is a noted industrialist, educationalist and philanthropist. In1952, he gave full financial support to start an elementary school at Komarapalayam village and in1965 started a Girls Higher Secondary School followed by J.K.K.Nattaraja Nursery and Primary School in the year 1969. He was a social reformer and strived for the up liftmen to women by starting the Arts and Science College for women in 1974.

J.K.K.Natarajah founded the J.K.K.Rangammal Charitable Trust in the year 1969 which runs many educational institutions now and has fast become a pioneering leader in educating the masses, in diverse fields. One among them isJ.K.K.Nattaraja College of Pharmacy and Research Institute, Komarapalayam established in the year 1985. Later, with thesame vision he established J.K.K.Nattaraja Dental College in the year 1987. Sre Sakthimayeil Institute of Nursing and Research, J.K.K.Nattaraja College of Engineering and Technology, J.K.K.Nattaraja Play School were also established then by the Managing Trustee Srimathi. N. SENDAMARAAI who is an extra conceptual personality with an exemplary vision and guidance in developing these institutions. The whole campus situated in a picturesque surrounding, facing the National Highway-544 in Komarapalayam.All the departments in Pharmacy College are active in research and most are judged to be of International standards in their research. It is no surprise that the college as a whole attracts large number of students from various countries like Kenya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Mauritius, Oman, Muscat etc.

Course Info:

A pleasant “child-friendly environment” with lively representation of cartoon characters providing innovative oral health messages through wall painting.Tom & Jerry and chotta bheem through audia visual representation for better interaction with kids.To create a positive dental environment, “child friendly” colors like yellow (warm color) and blue (cool color) are used. The color yellow has a warming effect and provides a most cheerful and positive environment.The color blue provides a feeling of coolness and enhance a calm environment.World class dental treatment with 21 dental chairs and conscious sedation unit.High quality materials available for all types of treatments.Specialized x ray unit within the department.Prevention and behavior modification are the two hallmarks in pediatric dentistry that make it unique from other specialities of dentistry.Experienced and highly skilled pediatric dentists.Highly trained undergraduate students to provide successful preventive and therapeutic treatment by thorough understanding of the cognitive capability of the children.