Tejas B.

University of Manchester - BSc Business Management with Industrial/Professional experience

Short Bio:

Tejas is confident, positive and a great role model for his classmates who is frequently among the first to help and mentor other team members. He is a valuable part of the school who is accountable and responsible. He makes smart decisions, admits mistakes and listens to opportunities to improve who can relates well to teammates and is appreciative of different perspectives and experiences.

College Info:

The University of Manchester is known for its highest standard of teaching and research. The University of Manchester courses include 412 undergraduate programs and 587 postgraduate programs. Manchester University has three faculties, each of which is made up of several schools. The faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health comprises three schools, i.e., the School of Biological Sciences, School of Medical Sciences, and the School of Health Sciences. The faculty of Science and Engineering is comprised of two schools, i.e., the School of Engineering, and the School of Natural Sciences. The faculty of Humanities is made up of four academic schools, i.e., Alliance Manchester Business School, School of Arts, Language and Cultures, School of Environment, Education and Development, and School of Social Sciences. The University of Manchester Research Institute (UMRI) is central to the university’s goal of building on its path-breaking interdisciplinary research. URMI has 23 research institutes in different fields of science and arts. The University of Manchester fees ranges from £20,000 to £47,000 per year for the academic year 2022.

Course Info:

Our flexible management courses share a common first year before allowing you to focus on a chosen specialism should you wish to enhance your career prospects. With a wide range of course units to choose from, you really can shape your own degree.BSc (Hons) Management with Industrial/Professional Experience is a broad-based course which allows you to study the full range of management subjects and includes a work placement in your penultimate year of study.

Tuition Fees :

£29,000 per annum