Taesu Park

Symbiosis International (Deemed University) - BBA

Short Bio:

Taesu is a well behaved student who is always regular to class. He displays a good attitude towards learning and works well in all subject areas. His diligent work habits and exemplary behavior have contributed to his achievement. He consistently completes all academic work on time. He seeks new opportunities for learning and is a highly motivated and independent learner. He is an active participant in all class discussions, and puts forth his points fearlessly and with confidence. At the same time, he is also patient and open-minded when listening to others voicing their points of view. He is an ardent admirer of soccer and basketball. He displays great sportsmanship when on the field. His positive attitude has made him the favorite of his teachers. This has made him very popular, not only among his peers, but even among st the younger students, many of whom look up to to him.

College Info:

Symbiosis International (Deemed University) offers a variety of programmes at Graduate, Post Graduate, Doctoral and Diploma levels. Programmes are offered in the following Eight faculties: Law, Management, Computer Studies, Health & Biological Sciences, Media & Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences, Engineering, and Architecture & Design.

Course Info:

Management education has been the forte of Symbiosis. Our course is designed to be very intensive in its academic and co-curricular inputs. We ensure that the essence of the curriculum has reached the students through adoption of a multi-pronged methodology of teaching. Through process-mapping exercises and regular internship opportunities, we guarantee international exposure for our students. Our long standing commitment to diversity is a mindset we hold in high regard. The difference in opinions, convictions, economic background, gender & nationality breathes life into our campus community while bringing out the best in our students.