Subiksha. J.

Vivekananda college of Pharmacy - Pharm.D

Short Bio:

Subikshah was a hardworking student . She was self disciplined and cooperated well with teachers and peers. Subiksha always focused on her goals tried her best to reach it. She always focused on her task and tried to achieve her target which the teachers used to give her in the campus.

College Info:

Vivekanandha Educational Institutions have evolved a unique educational program blending futuristic needs, development skills that are instrumental in facing present day job requirements and also for the student professional benefits. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, the student will be acclimatized to proficient work culture and emerge as well- rounded professionals that the industry desires to have.

College Info:

Higher Education has an independent as well as instrumental value; i.e the purpose of higher education must be to rationalize attitudes as well as to impart knowledge and skills. Quality education should orient national development that should aim at training the younger generation the life skills, self-reliance, personality development, community service and social integration. Vivekanandha Educational Institutions have inherited these principles in addition to the expertise teaching that promises to give our students a unique opportunity to develop knowledge and hone their skills.

Course Info:

The Pharm.D program is a pre-PhD, post-graduate professional doctorate of 6 years. It was introduced to improve clinical pharmacy services in India and it is the only pharmacy service which is in direct contact with patient health care system. The first batch of Pharm.D post baccalaureate students graduated in August 2011 and 1st regular batch graduated in June 2014. The Pharm.D degree requires five years of classroom and hospital based didactic study (two years didactic post-baccalaureate course), followed by one year of internship training in hospitals in addition to ongoing practical’s and research project.