University of London - B.Sc (Honors) in Business and Management

Short Bio:
A highly composed person, who is value centric; holds herself in integrity, compassion and strong will. Apart from being academically focused, she persistently works on refining her skill. It is encouraging to notice that she tries out new thing, be it sport, public speaking and taking leadership.   she has brought joy, team spirit and motivation to the batch 2014-15.

College Info:
The University of London is a collegiate and a federal research university located in London, England. The university was incorporated originally by royal charter in 1836.The university is the largest university by number of full-time students in the United Kingdom, with 161,270 campus-based students and over 50,000 distance learning students in the University of London International Programmes.As of 2015, there are a total of around 2 million[16] University of London alumni across the world, which include 12 monarchs or royalty, 52 presidents or prime ministers, 84 Nobel laureates, 6 Grammy winners, 2 Oscar winners and 3 Olympic gold medalists. The collegiate research university has also produced Father of the Nation for several countries.

Course Info:
Developed by academics at LSE, this degree will give you a thorough grounding in the principles of business and management. It is ideal if you are aspiring towards careers in the financial professions or if you are already professionally qualified and now would like to take a degree.You complete 12 courses for the Standard Route or 9 for the Graduate Entry Route.

Course Fee:
Application fee (non-refundable) – £92
Application fee for accreditation of prior learning (per course/half course) – £98/£49
Registration fee – £935
Continuing registration fee (pre 2017-18 enrolment) – £419 
Continuing registration fee (2018-19 enrolment) -£427

Examination fees:                                                                                   
Examination fee per course (2018-19 enrolment) – £282                                       
Examination fee per course (pre 2017-18 enrolment) – £247                                 
Examination fee per half course (2018-19 enrolment) – £141                                 
Examination fee per half course (pre 2017-18 enrolment) – £124

Living Cost:
£104 per week