Srimathi V

PSG College of Arts & Science - Bcom Retail Marketing

College Info:

PSG College of Arts & Science was founded in the year 1947 before independence by the PSG & Sons’ Charities Trust with a mission to set education on a noble perch accessible to all in pursuit of knowledge and world class education. The founders envisioned charity through education and crested this zealous thought as the reason for having set up a premier grade institution, which still remains as an untarnished thought through the lineage of successors to this college. The college embodies a rich tradition of excellence in teaching and research and has thus diffused dynamism and knowledge to several learners in the sands of time. The college upgrades its facilities available from time to time, to set up the best pedal of access for its students. The college has a long standing and a well established title for having harbored an excellent faculty resource in the city.

Course Info:

Become knowledgeable in the field of Commerce blended with Retail Marketing and apply the conceptual, interpersonal and managerial skills for decision making in a business enterprise.Gain analytical skills in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Taxation and related Retail Marketing courses.Understand and appreciate Professional Ethics, Community Living And Nation Building initiatives.Exhibit skills and knowledge for pursuing higher studies on Retail Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, and preparing students for the careers like Retail Merchandiser, In-store specialist, Project Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Market Training Manager, Field Account Representative and Store Manager.
Build competency to manage business and leadership challenges.