Ethiraj College - BA Business Economics

Short Bio:
She displayed perseverance and demonstrated a growth mindset. She is self-driven, engaging and a curious student. When it comes to academics, Sivakami strives to give in her best. She developed an interest towards the subject and showed tremendous improvement in her grades over the period of time. She handles tough assignments with ease and has reaped the benefits of her hard work. She excels in team work and is always open for new ideologies. As a person, Sivakami is soft spoken and empathetic. Her calm presence is assertive

About College:
Ethiraj College for Women, started in 1948 was born out of the dream and vision of Shri. V.L. Ethiraj, an eminent lawyer and renowned philanthropist. It was established with a commitment to provide quality education to women with a strong emphasis on values and tradition and with the singular mission of empowering women.The College has a dedicated team of 283 faculty members who maintain academic excellence and about 6500 students who are the anchor to sustain the vision of the Institution. The College has high standards of academic excellence and a constant zeal for continuous updating and renewal of skills and knowledge.

About Course:
It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change Course :B.A. Business Economics is a three-year undergraduate course that follows the semester-cum-choice based credit system. The program focuses on providing practical, quantitative and analytical training in decision-making and the formulation of economic policies. It specialises in core Economics subjects along with Mathematical Economics, Entrepreneurial Economics, Environmental Economics, Econometrics and Business Economics.

Course Fee:

INR 35000 Per Year