Shruti Jajoo

Bangalore University

College Info:

Bangalore University is located at Garden City, Bangalore. ” The capital of India “was created as an illustration taken by the University of Mysore in July 1964, primarily involving higher education institutions located in Bangalore City and Bangalore, Kolar and Tumkur districts, which eventually became a separate university. Initially, two major colleges in the city, Central College (CC) and the University of Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE) created the nucleus of Bangalore University.

After the establishment of Bangalore University, the University introduced the honors courses in 1965-66 as the first step in re-organization of courses. Three year honorary degree education has attracted many wonderful students in Botany, Chemistry, Economics, English, Geology, Kannada, Mathematics and Zoology provided only at University Post Graduate Departments. Students who have passed the preference for undergraduate courses and BA / B.Sc. Postgraduate graduates missed access to postgraduate courses, joining final year honors course and access to postgraduate courses. Since 1964, the University of Bangalore has the largest subsidiary colleges, The rich diversity centers of program options. In conjunction with this extension, in 1973, the university moved to a new campus named ‘Jnan Bharati’ (JB) on an area of ​​1100 acres of land and transferred many of its degree courses to its newly established campus. Currently, the Chancellor, Registrar of the JB Campus, Registrar (Evaluation), Finance Officer and a large number of Postgraduate Departments, Directions, Center of Higher Learning, NSS Bhavan, Outdoor Stadium and other Support Services Offices. The University Law College, opened in 1948, is located in JB Campus, a physical education college that opened in 1959.

The University is Gandhi Bhavan, Dr. BR Ambedkar. Ambedkar Study and Research Center, and Center for Study on Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy. The Bangalore University has completed the fruiting existence of fifty two years and is one of Asia’s largest universities. Although originally intended as a federal university, it has finally emerged as a subsidiary. The University has been accredited by NAAC with Five Star Status in 2002, re-accredited with ‘A’ grade in the 2nd and 3rd cycles in November 2008 and November 2016.