Sanjana Guruswamy

Stony Brook University - Biology major on the pre med track

Short Bio:

Academically, Sanjana is dedicated and works diligently in order to rectify her areas of improvement. She is open to feedback and works persistently to improvise.  With regards to English language, from the beginning of grade 7 she had exhibited the required skills at all levels.  Adding on to it, her visit and exposure to various places has made her linguistically strong.  Sanjana reads books of all genres, with special inclination towards murder mystery.  However, when she moved on to higher grades, she started valuing prose and poetry of literary merit.  W.H Auden, George Orwell and Marjane Satrapi are a few authors she has explored.She is an ‘active learner’ and ‘inquirer’, as I find her openly participating and posing constructive question during my session.  She also has creative side to her, this was evident when she took on a challenging idea for her ‘Written task’ (An IBDP requirement).  At the IGCSE level Examinations, she was awarded ‘A*’ in six subject areas, and has received an ICE certificate from the board, a Chairman’s awards and two High Achiever’s award from the school.Apart from academics she has stretched her potential to other areas as well. She participated in IIMUN and HMUN (Model United Nation Conference), participated in science quiz and many other public speaking activities.In sports, she is currently ranked 274 in the women’s category (Tennis) in India and have held ranks in the U-14, U-16 and U-18 categories.  In athletics, she has won bronze, silver and gold medals, has taken part in marathon, badminton, table tennis, swimming, basketball and chess tournaments.She is caring and offers help to any one even if it is out of her comfort zone.  In spite of her rigorous schedule in IBDP, she has extended her help in various service activities that include teaching English and sport to girls at an orphanage along with her mother, who seem to be her inspiration.  Sanjana regularly sets aside things to be donated, and was an active participant in a rally against female infanticide.She is enthusiastic and a quick learner who finds a way to make things happen.  She loves learning and exploring aspects of how the universe functions.  In addition to her academic pursuits, she also has few other interests like baking desserts, being creative with art and craft and involving in cultural activities.

College Info:

The State University of New York at Stony Brook (also known as Stony Brook University or SUNY Stony Brook) is a public sea-grant and space-grant research university in the eastern United States. The institution was founded 61 years ago in 1957 in Oyster Bay as State University College on Long Island, and moved to Stony Brook in 1962.The university’s health science and medical component, collectively referred to as Stony Brook Medicine, includes the Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Nursing, Health Technology and Management, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Social Welfare, as well as the Hospital, major centers and institutes, programs, clinics and community-based healthcare settings, and the Long Island State Veterans Home. Stony Brook University, part of the management team of Brookhaven National Laboratory — a national laboratory of the United States Department of Energy, in 2004 acquired land for a Research & Development Park adjacent to its main campus, and has four business incubators across the region. The university’s impact on the Long Island economy amounts to $7.38 billion in increased output, and research expenditures have surpassed the $230 million mark annually

Course Info:

Stony Brook University is an excellent place to prepare for a future in medicine, dental medicine, and other health professions. Students pursuing health careers can major in many different disciplines, and work closely with Academic Advisors to complete the best courses in preparation for a future in healthcare.
Students are encouraged to explore academic interests in and out of the sciences, engaging in intellectual inquiry, independent study, and disciplined research. Stony Brook applicants who have been successful gaining acceptances into some of the top schools in their field, are well rounded individuals with strong health related experiences and other diverse activities. While medical schools accept all kinds of majors, they also expect applicants to have successfully completed certain “premed” courses. Stony Brook’s premed courses are recognized for their rigor and provide excellent preparation for the Medical School Admission Test(MCAT).

Course Fee:
New York Resident –  $25,472                                               
Out of State Resident – $42,982

Living Cost: 
On Campus – $15,650      
Off Campus – $19,136