Ritika M.

Jain University - Corporate BBA

Short Bio:

Ritika as a quiet and reserved person she exhibits powerful ideas. Her gentle and intuitive nature enables her to be very cooperative among groups. She is generally warm hearted and renders her time and energy to empathize others. Given an extra effort on the self-awareness she can reach greater heights.

College Info:

Ranked among the top universities in India and considered a cerebral destination for students across the world and Bangalore in particular, for its illustrious history of developing talent, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) is a hub for learning in every sense of the word. The University which is based in Bangalore – the Silicon Valley of India, offers a conducive environment for learning, be it academically or extracurricular activities. Known for its emphasis on education, entrepreneurship, research and sports, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) has some of the best minds in the educational and research fields, and centers that inspire entrepreneurship and groundbreaking work to simplify and manage life better.

Course Info:

The Corporate BBA course is a broad business and management degree, where the students will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the functional areas of the organisation. The students can study a wide range of subjects and develop the practical managerial skills required for a successful career in the current corporate sector.During the first year, the students will study leadership development programmes and business economics with finance. In the second year, the students will build their knowledge by covering specific topics across the management spectrum along with complementary modules of business ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability through experiential learning. In the final year, the students will learn to apply their knowledge of the core building blocks of business in real-world scenarios.

Tuition Fees :

~ 1 Lakh / year