Pratham Agarwal

Central Michigan University - Computer Science

Short Bio:

Pratham is a dedicated student. He puts in a lot of effort to study as well as participate in class sessions. He has many times willingly asked me for help. This is a quality to be appreciated in today’s world. It reflects his self-awareness and desire to improve. His perseverance in tasks has specifically impressed me more than one time. In my observation, Pratham is a person who works well with a group. He is open to different perspectives and contributes to the group as well.

College Info:

Central Michigan University is a leading public research institution located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.We are committed to providing a comprehensive education that prepares students for successful careers and lifelong learning. With over 14,000 students enrolled, we offer more than 200 programs across various academic fields, including business, education, health professions, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, STEM and more. Every student deserves an inclusive and equitable learning environment, and we strive to make that a reality through our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Explore what CMU offers and why we are a top choice for higher education in the Midwest.

Course Info:

Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Those are more than just buzz words — they are some of the most exciting and emerging technologies that will have a direct impact on the future.If you’re fascinated by digital and mobile technology, along with cybersecurity and other tech-related areas, a computer science major is right for you. At CMU, you’ll take that natural curiosity and transform it into a dynamic and ever-evolving career in technology and related fields.

Our computer science undergraduate program offers you a chance to explore a variety of compelling areas, including:

Computer architecture.
Soft​ware engineering.
Network security.
Computer graphics.
Artificial intelligence.
Database management.

Our graduates have found fulfilling and high-paying careers in industry, business and government. Typical roles include programmer, systems engineer, software designer and consultant.Plus, you can connect with the Computer Science Society while on campus.

Tuition Fees :

$19,800 / year