Pranesh B K

PSG College of Technology - BE Mechanical (Sandwich)

College Info:

PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY,an institution of academic excellence,was founded in the year 1951 by PSG & Sons’ Charities Trust.The emphasis of the Trust is on vocational education & production oriented industrial training.In order to achieve these objectives,the founders wisely decided to locate the college in the same campus as the PSG Industrial Institute,which is a pioneer today in the manufacture of several engineering products,like process and agricultural pumps,industrial motors and high quality speciality castings.One unique feature at PSG College of Technology is the close collaboration of educational institution and industry,resulting in the cross fertilization of theory with practice.

The College has been in the vanguard of innovation in technical education,and over the years has taken giant strides and transformed itself into a prestigious centre for advanced studies in several faculties of Engineering Technology,Applied Sciences Management Studies and Computer Science and Applications.

Course Info:

The department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 1951 with the BE Mechanical Engineering (4 year program). This is one of the preferred undergraduate programmes by the student community of Tamilnadu. With a right blend of theory and practice in basics such as mechanics, design of machines, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, advancements in CAD/CAM, Finite Element analysis, Thermal engineering, Pneumatics and Low cost automation, this programme has well laid itself as a prominent option for the students.

The BE Mechanical programme (5 years), Sandwich Programme, started in the year 1983, is the only one of its kind in India. The objective of this programme is to mould students by coupling theoretical knowledge imparted in class, with intensive exposure to industry thereby, boosting skills of to-be engineers. The five year in-plant training includes visits to different industries, orientation towards industrial practices and comprehensive executive skill development training.