Pranav Manickam

Arizona State University - Mechanical Engineering

Short Bio:

Pranav is a brilliant student who is an independent learner. A silent student in class, he speaks up only to bring in an idea or clarify his doubts. His critical thinking skills have enlightened the class with many inquiring questions. Pranav continuously strives to recognize and improve on any drawback in his academic performance. He is friendly to others but prefers his own space for learning and performing other tasks. However, at the end of the day he strives to do his best and gets it done as well.

College Info:

Arizona State University is consistently recognized globally as a top-ranked knowledge enterprise dedicated to delivering academic excellence, advancing research-based solutions for humankind’s greatest challenges, producing strong and compassionate leaders, ensuring the health of our planet and providing quality education for all learners.ASU’s nationally ranked programs inspire the top-qualified graduates and have positioned the university as a “top-tier” recruiting and hiring institution by more than 50 of the country’s top corporations, according to professional recruiters and rankings services around the world.

Course Info:

Mechanical engineering is a creative, diverse discipline. Mechanical engineers design, build and control the devices, machines, processes and systems that are the mainstay of modern industrialized society.

Students prepare for a career in mechanical engineering through a curriculum that includes the study of the principles governing energy transfer, mechanical design, sensors and control devices, and the application of these principles to the creative solution of practical modern problems.

Tuition Fees :

USD 31,000 / year