Neha Pravin Kumar

Pennsylvania State University - Bachelors of Science in Human Centered Design & Development

Short Bio:

Neha is a highly organized, proactive and focused person. She always puts her maximum effort into every task, and spends the time to excel in her academics. She is a consistent academic performer and was awarded the high achievers and chairman award from grade 6th to 10th. As a passionate artist and avid reader, she loves to express her thoughts in art forms. She always looks for ways to improve in order to grow to become skilled in whatever she attempts. She’s developed interests in numerous areas of art including character illustration, acrylic painting, and pencil sketching with multiple certifications. Her comical expressions make others laugh even in stressful situations. She takes constructive criticism well believing that there is always room for improvement. Being a competitive rhythmic gymnast, helped her achieve qualities including patience and a driven motivation. She has actively performed in an international and regional competition to win ribbons. Apart from personal interests, Neha tries her best to give back to the community not only through volunteer work and partaking in fundraisers but also by helping out her peers at school.

College Info:

There’s a reason Penn State consistently ranks among the top one percent of the world’s universities. Across twenty-four campuses and an online World Campus, our 100,000 students and 17,000 faculty and staff know the real measure of success goes beyond the classroom—it’s the positive impact made on communities across the world. As Pennsylvania’s only land-grant university, Penn State has a broad mission of teaching, research, and public service. But that mission was not so grandly conceived in 1855, when the Commonwealth chartered it as one of the nation’s first colleges of agricultural science, with a goal to apply scientific principles to farming.

Course Info:

The Human-Centered Design and Development major (HCDD) in the College of Information Sciences and Technology is a Bachelor of Science degree program that will educate students in the fundamental concepts and state-of-the-art skills in developing applications of technology for people, with a focus on learning outcomes needed to: a) identify opportunities to support human activity with technology; b) design and create useful and usable technology-mediated activities; and c) evaluate and iterate designed technologies in their context of use. Students graduating with a degree in HCDD will be positioned for successful careers in industry, government, and education, helping to ensure that our world of increasingly complex and pervasive technologies remains aligned with human aspirations, requirements, and limitations.

Tuition Fees :

INR 31,08,157 / year