Naveen Kumar A.G.

M.S.Ramaiah University of Applied Science. - B.Design.

Short Bio:
Naveen is cheerful and vibrant with excellent social and academic skills.  He has a variety of interests from reading to painting.  As a student, Naveen is a consistent performer in my subject.  He was always eager to participate in class discussions and has a very inquisitive mind. His intelligence and diligence has made him stand unique among his classmates.He go-getter attitude has helped his gain a sense of independence and prepared him well for life after high school.  His leadership skill and confidence in varieties of challenges had brought his praises from all the faculty members.  He also goes out of the way in helping his fellow classmates academically.This student exhibits characteristics like independent, confident in his deeds and leadership skills which are essential for his future studies.

College Info:
M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (MSRUAS), created by an act in the State of Karnataka, India, came into existence in December 2013. The University is sponsored by Gokula Education Foundation (Medical) trust. The University was created by integrating the “M.S. Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies (1999), M.S. Ramaiah College of Hotel Management (1993), M.S. Ramaiah College of Pharmacy (1992), M.S. Ramaiah Dental College (1991) and the M.S. Ramaiah Advanced Learning Centre (2012)”The University aims to focus its programmes on student-centric higher education so that the graduates are equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills expected by industry and business. The university has four verticals – Academic Studies; Academic Research; Training, Skill Development and Lifelong Learning and a Techno Centre for Consultancy, Product Design and Development and Entrepreneurship Development. Students of the University can expect to experience an integrated approach to academics, research, training, real life problem solving and entrepreneurship.
The University, at present, has established faculties in Engineering and Technology, Art and Design, Management and Commerce, Mathematical & Physical Sciences, Biological & Life Sciences, Dental Sciences, Pharmacy and Hospitality Management & Catering Technology. Through these faculties, the University offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes. The faculties offer an enriched curriculum drawn from the strong interactions between the faculties and industry and business

Course Info:
The Undergraduate Programme in Art and Design aims to impart a high-level of knowledge and skills in the chosen discipline, coupled with general education. The combination of Art and Design and general coursework can provide a broad base of knowledge that can apply to a number of product development areas. The graduates thus produced will be able to meet the human resources requirement of product development industry, business and commerce. Also the graduates will be able to take entrepreneurial route for their career advancement.