Madhumita Raveendhrun

Srishti Institute of Arts & Design - BFA Digital Media Arts

Short Bio:

Madu is an intelligent well balanced student who holds many varied interests. She always offers constructive suggestions to peers to enhance their work and accepts the recommendations of peers and acts on them when appropriate.

College Info:

Srishti Manipal’s formative matrix of highly skilled art & design professionals, educators, scholars, researchers and a vibrant and engaged student body is deeply networked with local, regional and global communities. Dynamic exchanges with various networks ensure that the pedagogies offered through our programs are constantly renewed by our connections with these networks. We actively support and encourage the development of networks across a range of disciplines and that forge relationships, augmenting the impact made through our academic programs.he process of creative impact making is interdisciplinary and draws upon the disciplines of art, design and technology synthetically. Conventional perspectives to sense making, problem-framing and envisioning are complemented by new methods and approaches that are informed through the intersections of art, design and technology.

Course Info:

Srishti offers a 3-year skill-based undergraduate vocational course in Digital Media Production. It is designed to provide a good balance between focused skill building, collaborative learning, and industry linkages. The course encourages individual approaches to learning and skill enhancement. Srishti intends to develop enterprising individuals for the dynamic environment of the industry. Digital media production offers specializations in Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design.