Kandhaa N.

Multimedia University Malaysia - Bachelor in Computer Science

Short Bio:

Kandhaa is quite multidisciplinary in terms of his general knowledge, taking a specific interest in social culture and norms. He has a very imaginative and artistic mind, always narrating wonderful and unique stories. Although slow to take in things, he loves to listen to many different inputs. He loves to play games, both physical and digital.

College Info:

As the first private university approved by the Malaysian government, MMU adheres to the strictest requirements for a high quality degree. A study by Gartner and MSC Malaysia found that MMU is among the top five universities preferred by major ICT players for graduate employment — a testament to the quality of our academicians, curriculum, student development programmes and our solid reputation with the industries.

Course Info:

This three-year programme equips students with fundamental computing knowledge and the latest technology. In year 1, all students learn common subjects before specialising in one of the following areas – Software Engineering, Game Development, Data Science or Cybersecurity – in the second year. Each designed specialisation prepares students with specific skills. Students will also complete a final year project and undergo industrial training to acquire practical industry experience.

Tuition Fees :

RM 26,000 / year