Inbaayini Anbarasan

Ithaca College - Bachelors in Journalism - Music (minor)

Short Bio:

Inbaayini is highly potential. She has been exploring herself in the field of music – her strong passion. She has a flair for language that has made her a passionate reader. She is good team player.

College Info:

Ithaca College began as a music conservatory in 1892, helping young musicians hone their talents into professional-caliber skills. In the decades since, IC has grown into a residential liberal arts college with five schools and over 100 degree programs. Our students gain knowledge and confidence through a continuous cycle of learning, trying, and doing—with access to professional labs, studios, equipment, and research opportunities.As a mid-size, nationally-ranked college, IC offers students opportunities for personalized attention in every academic program and engagement in a wide variety of campus activities. Students join a welcoming community of 6,200 undergraduate and 470 graduate students that offers more than 200 student clubs and organizations.

Course Info:

As a journalism major, you’ll receive intensive instruction in news reporting right from the start—our introductory journalism course emphasizes news judgment, basic reporting techniques, and mastery of the Associated Press approach to writing. From there, you will dig deeper into the rights and responsibilities that go along with this profession. For example, our news editing course will not only teach you how to edit and lay out copy, but it will also introduce you to the legal and ethical problems that editors confront every working day.

Our cutting-edge curriculum also prepares you for the world of media convergence. In your journalism classes, you’ll explore the subtle differences between reporting for broadcast, digital, and print media while building skills in all three disciplines. You’ll also be required to minor in a second area and acquire proficiency in a second language.

Tuition Fees:
USD 23,305 / Year

Living Costs:
USD 13,000 / year