Gnana Soundari

University of Houston in Clear Lake (UH-CL) - BS Psychology

Short Bio:
She holds her value and contributes whole heartedly to any areas of interest. She is a a ‘Quiet Learner’ in the classroom; however, she is creative in presenting her work and applying her artistic side in expressing her views. Being a diligent seeker, she has potential to excel by applying her creativity to the subject matter and come up with original ideas with her enthusiasm and thinking. She has concern for the destitute, and regularly pays visit to orphanages and old age homes. She displays exceptional strength of character, is honest and caring while being committed to upholding these values wherever she goes.

About College:
Choosing UHCL also means gaining access to an education that opens the door to even more choices: We offer more than 80 graduate and undergraduate programs online or face-to-face at UHCL and UHCL Pearland Campus. You’ll study on a beautiful, safe campus that’s within a 524-acre wildlife preserve and is just a half-hour from downtown Houston and all the arts, entertainment and sporting events it offers.
You’ll be influenced by international perspectives – 10 percent of our student body comes from outside the U.S. – and have the chance to take your talents to the world, through the partnerships we’ve formed with government and industry as well as the extensive networking opportunities our alumni provide.
92% of graduating students would recommend UHCL.

About Course:

Course:All aspects of the Psychology degree are guided by the suggested curricula of the American Psychological Association and developed by UHCL faculty in the College of Human Sciences and Humanities for optimal learning in the classroom, laboratory, and applied settings

Fees and other Financial data about the college:
$32,964 USD – annual cost

About the country and cost of living in the country:
19,200 – 22,180 USD/year