Haresh Raghavendra K.

Christ University - B.Tech CSE

Short Bio:

Haresh is Soft spoken student and very obedient. He Loves sports and movies.Mingles well with his peers.

College Info:

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has created an intensive teaching and learning experience through industry driven Curriculum. The Department strives hard to inculcate among students a passion for innovation through Research and product development in niche areas of Data science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer vision, Internet of Things and Network Security. The department indulges in creating workable solutions for issues faced by society through Service-Learning Modules. At present, the Department has 52 Faculty with Doctorates and 13 Faculty members on the verge of completing PhD in various verticals of CSE. The vision of achieving excellence through service is the key factor that unites the department.

Course Info:

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is a Centre of excellence providing comprehensive technical knowledge and inspiring students in innovation and research.The department boasts a rich knowledge pool of faculty who are well trained in various fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Cryptography, Data mining, BIG DATA, Digital Image Processing, Cloud computing, etc. The department also has a wide variety of labs such as the open source lab , Machine learning lab , CISCO Networking Lab which are specifically for students research and lab curriculum. To ensure that students are up-to-date with trends and changes, the department periodically conducts workshops on the latest technology like Internet of Things, Cloud computing, and Machine learning for the students. The main goal is to prepare students for a career in industry or research in universities.

Tuition Fees :

~ 2 Lakhs / year