Govind Dinesh

BMS College of Engineering - B.Tech AI

Short Bio:

Govind Dinesh shows a conscientious effort to learn. He is capable of doing the work in the time provided.

College Info:

BMSCE is the first private sector initiative in engineering education in India. Over the past 74 years of its illustrious existence, the institution has produced more than 40,000 engineers/leaders who have enriched the world through their immense contributions for mankind. Started with only 03 undergraduate courses, BMSCE today offers 13 Undergraduate & 16 Postgraduate courses both in conventional and emerging areas. 14 of its Departments are recognized as Research Centers offering PhD/M.Sc (Engineering by Research) degrees in Science, Engineering and Management. The College has been effectively practicing outcome based education. The College has one of the largest student populations amongst engineering colleges in Karnataka. Currently about 5000 students are pursuing their higher studies in BMSCE.

Course Info:

The department has fostered excellence in undergraduate education while advancing research that pushes the boundaries of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It focuses on teaching and research on Deep Learning, Data Mining, Big Data and Natural Language Processing.

Tuition Fees :

~ 2,00,000 / year