Dharshini P.K.

The TIPSGLOBAL Institute - B.Com

Short Bio:

Dharshini is soft-spoken, well mannered with a willingness and eagerness to learn new perspectives.Dharshini showed persistence in her endeavors and showed dedication in all her assignments.

College Info:

THE TIPSGLOBAL INSTITUTE, Coimbatore, a unit of The Indian Public School (TIPS) chain offers Integrated Dual Degree Programs in Entrepreneurship. Imparting an unprecedented combination of Domain Expertise and Business Acumen, these 5-Year Programs are designed for +2 graduates or equivalent. All programs result in Dual Degrees directly after grade 12 – Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Master of Science in a core domain, which can be Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Building Design or Fashion Design. THE TIPSGLOBAL INSTITUTE offers Bharathiar University Degree courses through the University’s ingenious Participatory Program that provides flexibility for industry participation to be augmented to the regular offering of classes.

Course Info:

The Bachelor of Commerce degree is designed to provide students with a wide range of managerial skills, while building competence in a particular area of business. With the conscious effort to identify and develop the necessary personal traits to be a successful entrepreneur, the multi-disciplinary curriculum offers a well thought out mix managerial courses along with courses pertinent to developing entrepreneurial competencies such as opportunity validation, business plan development, strategy management and ethics.

The Finance and Accounting courses will help students understand how and why the companies report on their financial performance and also analyze real world financial situations faced by business organizations. Students will develop a strong understanding of how financial information is used for decision-making purposes and how the outcomes are evaluated.