PSG College of Arts & Science - BBA (Information Systems)

Short Bio:
Bala is just the kind of driven, engaging, and curious student that helped make his lively environment and safe place to take intellectual risks. He has demonstrated excellence in all that he puts his mind to, whether it’s collaborating with others, or teaching himself. Bala’s endless curiosity, combined with his willingness to take risks, leads us to believe there will be no limit to his growth and achievements. He never retreats to a simple answer or explanation, but is comfortable dealing with ambiguity. He is a talented, intelligent student with the charisma, confidence, strong values, and respect for others to make a huge difference in the world around him.

About College:
PSG College of Arts and Science has proved this prophetic statement with conviction by emerging as on of the premier institutions of higher learning in this country. The college has a long-standing academic tradition of excellence in research and scholarship. This is coupled with the most advanced facilities for the pursuit of higher learning. The college has a team of experienced and efficient faculty and our academic programmes are challenging and updated. Thirty Nine Undergraduate and Twenty Four Postgraduate programmes are offered and may of them are unique. M.Phil and Ph.D programmes are offered in Nineteen faculties.

About Course:
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program in information systems management, students develop methods for analyzing, designing, planning and managing information systems. Students are trained to manage hardware, software and database memory for their departments and organizations.

Fees and other Financial data about the college:
56,850 PER YEAR

About the country and cost of living in the country: 
Rs 18,877