Aparna S

School of Design,NMIMS Universty  - B Des(Humanising Technology)

Short Bio:

Aparna is Is respectful and polite with teachers and companions. She has a positive influence on class activities and sets an example of excellence in behavior and cooperation. She is a multi-talented student and is not only an artist and a dancer, but also a good badminton player. She is a good listener, and listens to the comments and ideas of others without interrupting.

College Info:

The onset of the information age and digitization have enabled the masses to have access to an unlimited reservoir of knowledge and when the catalyst of a Comprehensive Design Vision is added to it along with the transition of trends and in alignment with society’s moral structure, it is more impactful. Perceiving this emerging scenario in Design Practice, NMIMS adds to its impressive multidisciplinary lineage the School of Design and treads forward on the path of being a center for outstanding learning experiences. The Design School in the Mumbai campus, will arm its students with new age design education. The School will relay in all its activities, the power of multi-disciplinary as an essential in Design Education and build an eco-system to engage in ‘humanizing technology’. The programs will look beyond employability to futuristic profiles.

Course Info:

The Design School offers a rigorous academic training, hands on studio-mentor driven teaching and a liberated learning experience will equip the students to take on the professional expectations of a designer in 2020 and beyond. The Bachelor of Design program ensures holistic development of a student: mind-set, knowledge and skill.The undergraduate program Bachelor of Design-Humanising Technology  will be a generalist program oriented to the arena of humanising technology.