Aishwarya Shankar

DJ Academy of Design - B.Des Industrial Designing

Short Bio:

Aishwarya loves sports and good in   maintaining friendships.. She shows interests in completing her work on time.

College Info:

D J Academy of Design is one of the units of illustrious GKD Charity Trust founded by Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd (LMW), a major industrial group in India. GKD Charity Trust was set up in 1983 by the industrialist par excellence, (Late) Cavalier Dr. G K Devarajulu. His pioneering efforts saw the emergence of Coimbatore on the global industrial map and the LMW Group as a major force to reckon with. The Group now comprises a staggering 20 companies with LMW being the flagship brand.

Course Info:

Industrial Design (IND) teaches students the design process with critical thinking, inclusive approach and human-cantered design methods to create well-conceived and relevant products and systems that make everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable to use. From developing ideas by sketching, drawing, model making and finally prototyping, the students are exposed to a wide range of materials and processes to enable them to produce high-quality products. Furthermore, students are involved in a wide range of product assignments covering simple products to complex and sophisticated products for the medical, transportation, furniture and daily house-hold product areas. Students need to undergo 5 to 6 projects during 4-years / 2-years stint, out of which few of the projects could be chosen from the design domains stated above based on their choice of specialisation.

Tuition Fees :

~ 2,00,000 Lakhs/ Sem