Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts - BBA

Short Bio:

He is a silent,disciplined and observant student. His flair for politics and general awareness had many students and teachers feel in awe of him. His business ideas were always worth listening to and I am sure he is going to be a successful businessman in the future.

College Info:

Reaching to the roots of purpose of education KCLAS, gives an opportunity to gain indepth knowledge in one domain and gives a broader understanding across disciplines. KCLAS teaches students to think critically, communicate clearly, analyze and solve complex problems, appreciate others, understand the physical world, and be prepared to learn continuously so they can work with others and on their own to meet the challenges of the future.

Course Info:

The BBA Program encompasses interactive lectures and challenging academic assignments which enable students to learn and practice skills in leadership, negotiation, innovation, communication and teamwork – skills vital for today’s business managers. Students will have ample opportunity to explore working through entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and non-profit organisations.