Vignesh Asokan

ICAT Design and Media College - Game Design and Development

College Info:

ICAT is the best college for professional education in design & media with three state-of-the-art campuses at prime locations, diverse courses, internationally acclaimed degrees and extensive alumni network.In the year 2003, the growing business opportunities in India in Animation, Visual FX and Gaming had created a need for high quality professionals having skills to handle International projects with ease. Organizations like NASSCOM were advocating the need for Full Time Specialized training to fulfill this requirement.>

ICAT – Image College of Arts, Animation & Technology was then established in 2004 with a goal to provide holistic, advanced and specialized education in various Digital Design and Media disciplines. It began by offering full time Post Graduate Diplomas in 3D Animation, Visual FX and Game Development. The shortage of specialized Game Designers paved the way for the launch of Game Design curriculum in 2006.

Course Info:

The UG Degree in Game Design and Development at ICAT is a full-time program that prepares students to independently work through the entire pipeline of game development, starting from conceiving concepts to programming it.

The program combines the skills of Game Art, Game Design, and Game Development, widening the opportunities for the students. It provides an all-round knowledge from traditional art to digital art (2D & 3D), the various techniques employed in game art, the game design principles, and programming games for various platforms. The intense practice offered by the program helps students in seeking a vast career, be it as a 3D Game Artist, Level Designer, or Plugin/Tool Developer.