Thiyagarajan K.S.

Griffith University - Business

Short Bio:

Thiayagarajan is a quick learner. He strives hard to maintain a cordial relation with peers. He is talented and inquisitive. He connects academic concepts with real world examples and keeps the class environment lively. He is focused and has clarity on his future endeavors.

College Info:

Since 1975, our teaching and research have been focused on addressing the most important social and environmental issues of our time. Today, that mission is as relevant as ever.Social and environmental responsibility drive everything we do, from pioneering teaching in modern Asian studies and environmental science to our long-time support for First Peoples, social justice and sustainable practices.Consistently ranking in the top 2 per cent of universities globally, our degrees are designed with industry in mind, the future in our sights, and social impact at heart.With more than 55,000 students, our community spans five campuses across South East Queensland plus our Digital campus, complemented by a global alumni network of over 200,000 graduates.

Course Info:

The world is evolving, with a clear shift away from outdated business practices. The new Bachelor of Business is an alternative to more traditional business degrees, combining new skills, new values and new opportunities relevant for the new economy. It’s a whole new way of thinking for a whole new generation of business professionals.The modern business practices of adaptivity, creativity, diversity and sustainable business are ingrained in the new degree, so that you graduate with the skills needed for the rewarding career opportunities that the new economy brings.

Tuition Fees :

$14,500 per year