Promodh kalichamy

Florence Design Academy - Industrial Design

College Info:

Florence Design Academy, Italy’ s most renowned design school and one of the world wide best ranked places to study interior design, graphic design and industrial design. We are the symbol of modern learning and a creative melting pot of international students and brilliant minds that come from the entire globe to meet together. Here you receive a modern and advanced education and you will be part of a group of professionals that will become your second family.

Course Info:

The academic industrial design and product design course is structured for students of every age that do not have any previous design experience. Important subjects are manufacturing processes and the combination of art, materials, design and technology to create concepts of products. The full program offers the know how and experiences that students need to become competitive industrial designers including lessons of modern prototyping and model making with the use of 3D printers. Our design teachers are a dynamic team with a strong professional background and are active designers. They offer practical and theoretical knowledge of industrial design and share their experiences of real world projects. During the studies our students have the opportunity to visit design fairs during our field trips.The industrial design courses are taught in English language