Sujan Hariharan R.

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University - Computer Engineering

Short Bio:

Sujan Hariharan is a trustworthy student He is well-mannered, responsible, respects his elders and appreciates others viewpoint. He is cheerful and remained a popular student in his batch, due to his fun-loving attitude and good socializing skills.His English oral presentation was well scripted- a parody on live News reporters on Chennai floods. Being oriented towards entertainment, he teamed with his classmate to present it from a critical perspective.Sujan is skilled in other areas too. He has completed an online programme about basics of Photoshop and Light room. Self-taught in video editing software’s like Abode Premier Pro and Sony Vegas Pro. Owns a YouTube Technology Related Channel named “techieboy.”  At present, learning C Programming language at CSC computers.His interest extends to sports also as Sujan has won  2 Gold Medals in doubles Badminton School Tournament and one Gold at Inter-school Cricket Tournament. His caring attitude for the social issues was reflected in his participation in the Go-Coimbatore World Record which dealt with Biggest (Capacity of Students) active seminar about Waste management. He was an enthusiastic runner in a marathon for spreading cancer awareness, and has served as an active team member in the school’s FIRE DRILL Club.Sujan’s social and management skills were put to test as a lead member of the Organizing Committee for the School Soccer Fest and Aquatic Meet, which won applause from the School community. Managing the Food stall for raising fund for charity, one at the school premises and the other for the public, at an exhibition hoisted in the city of Coimbatore, proves his capability as a responsible caring individual. His concern doesn’t stop at individuals or society. It is applicable to spread awareness about preserving natural environment and Wildlife through his passion, Photography, which he exhibits whenever an opportunity arises.He is a student who consistently strives to progress holistically.

College Info:

Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University), also known as VGTU, is a public university in Vilnius, Lithuania. Founded on 1 September 1956, the university was first a Vilnius-based evening division of the Kaunas Polytechnic Institute.[3] It currently has 10 faculties, 14 research institutes, 33 research laboratories, and two research and four training centers. According to the QS World University Rankings, VGTU is in the top four percent of world universities.[2] QS has given VGTU five stars in teaching, facilities, and innovation.


Course Info: 

The aim of study programme is to prepare students’ skills to program and independently master new programming languages and software tools. To develop an ability to design the electronic equipment based on the microcontrollers and FPGA, to develop the microcontroller programs, to use the software dedicated to the programming of microcontrollers and simulation of the equipment based on the microcontrollers.
Fundamentals of general technological sciences; Knowledge about materials used in computer engineering and their properties; Knowledge on embedded computer; To select and use mathematical methods, software and hardware in order to solve problems in the field of computer engineering; To design the modern computer systems, their hardware and software, to adopt the resources of the computer systems for the extra operations.

Course Fee:
Tution Fee – 3500 EUR per year                            
Application fee – EUR 100                                     
Registration fee EUR 200

Living Cost:
350-800 EUR per month