Sugesh Kumaran M.

Jain University - BBA Inernational business & Mktg

Short Bio:

An enterprising boy, Sugesh showed good leadership and diplomatic skills during his stay in DP. He displayed good grasping skills and maintained an amicable relationship with his peers and the teachers. He was a hard working person, who never deterred from his responsibility as a student.

College Info:

Jain University is a cerebral destination that draws inspired students from more than 35 countries to one of the world’s greatest cities- Bangalore. Our education empowers individuals to challenge conventional thinking in pursuit of original ideas. A place for highly ambitious students and professionals who want to excel in career and become hardcore experts in their area of interest. In all we do, we are driven to dig deeper, push further, and ask bigger questions and to leverage our knowledge to enrich all human life. A deemed-to-be-university since nine years, it is now ranked consistently among top universities in India by India Today Nielsen Best Universities Survey. Founded in 1990 as SBMJC by Dr. Chenraj Roychand, an eminent entrepreneur & educationist with over 35 years of experience, it has the vision to foster human development through excellence in quality education, research & entrepreneurial development. Jain University advocates sports and creative talents. Jain University alumni have emerged as successful sportsmen, entrepreneurs and celebrities globally.

Course Info:

An international business degree provides students with specialized skills and knowledge that are applicable to a variety of international business careers. These skills are in the areas of international business strategy, management, marketing, human resources, technology and the business processes required for public and private organizations effectively work in today’s global marketplace. There is plenty you can do with an international business degree, as there are a growing number of international business career opportunities for those trained in this field. International business graduates have the skills required and cultural understanding necessary to succeed in a global business environment.