Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts - B.Com

Short Bio:

He is an obedient and respectful student. He actively participates in discussions,listens to the ideas, opinions, and comments of others without interrupting. He has most of the qualities to become a great leader in the future, because he takes responsibility and is a level headed person.

College Info:

Reaching to the roots of purpose of education KCLAS, gives an opportunity to gain indepth knowledge in one domain and gives a broader understanding across disciplines. KCLAS teaches students to think critically, communicate clearly, analyze and solve complex problems, appreciate others, understand the physical world, and be prepared to learn continuously so they can work with others and on their own to meet the challenges of the future.

Course Info:

Commerce courses aims at preparing students to take up challenging careers in commerce, finance, taxation, accountancy and other related disciplines of business studies. The Programme imparts strong subject matter expertise by focusing on the learning that includes the knowledge of basic theories, principles, methods and procedures of commerce and accounting.