PSG College of Arts & Science - B.Sc Psychology

Short Bio:

She is a reality check who ensures her classmates are grounded and focused during the class sessions. Srihrithini works in a dedicated manner and constantly strives to improve herself. I have seen her progress, both as a person and as a student, in a positive manner through the past two years and highly appreciate it. Her interest in the subject is reflected by her ability to recall concepts and critically evaluate them. Once given the tools, she is capable of independent learning.

College Info:

PSG College of Arts & Science was founded in the year 1947 before independence by the PSG & Sons’ Charities Trust with a mission to set education on a noble perch accessible to all in pursuit of knowledge and world class education. The founders envisioned charity through education and crested this zealous thought as the reason for having set up a premier grade institution, which still remains as an untarnished thought through the lineage of successors to this college. The college embodies a rich tradition of excellence in teaching and research and has thus diffused dynamism and knowledge to several learners in the sands of time. The college upgrades its facilities available from time to time, to set up the best pedal of access for its students. The college has a long standing and a well established title for having harbored an excellent faculty resource in the city. The quality of education is carefully cradled to impart profound education to all who have knocked on the knowledge doors of the college with belief. The institution promotes deep research and lifelong learning in the fields of Arts, Sciences, Humanities, Management, Computer Science, Social Science and Life Sciences.

Course Info:

Department of Psychology (Aided) established in the year 1975 functions in line with this objective of inculcating value based education among its learning community. The Department of Psychology (PSG CAS) has a long and distinguished history. The Psychology Laboratory here on campus is the largest in the state. Started with less than hundred students, the Department now has over 350 undergrad and postgraduate students. The department has grown in both size and stature that a new self-financing section for offering undergrad course in psychology was started in 2016. Psychology Department faculty members with around 95 years of cumulative experience, made significant contributions to the growing body of knowledge (in terms of research, curriculum design, training, and consultancy assignments) and to the profession.