Shreya Prashanth

Jindal Global Law School - BBA LLB

Short Bio:

Shreya Prashanth is a gregarious young lady with a thirst for education. She takes an active role in class discussions. Her curiosity and desire to adapt are two of her distinguishing characteristics. She is dedicated and driven to achieve her objectives.

College Info:

In 2009, JGU began its first academic session with the establishment of India’s first global law school. JGLS is committed to providing global legal education to its students. To fulfil this objective, the curriculum and pedagogy is designed to give extensive exposure to students to domestic, international and comparative law courses.JGLS has also entered into collaborations, exchange programmes, research partnerships and other forms of engagement and interaction with top universities and institutions across the globe which are willing to share their invaluable intellectual resources developed over decades. There are faculty and student exchange programmes and academic collaboration arrangements with leading law schools, such as Harvard, Yale, NYU, Sydney, Keio and many other reputed universities in the world. All these attributes make JGLS the best law school in Delhi.

Course Info:

indal Global Law School (JGLS) offers the 5-year integrated Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Laws (BBA LL.B. (Hons.)) Programme since 2013. The Programme is designed in keeping with the latest Bar Council of India rules and the University Grants Commission prescriptions and aims at fostering a culture of scholarship and academic excellence amongst the students.The BBA LL.B. (Hons.) course provides a holistic understanding of the legal discipline through a combination of business, management, and law. This multidisciplinary approach equips the students to apply the law to the facts.

Tuition Fees :

6.25 Lakhs / year