Sanchal Sanchayyan

The university of Hong Kong  - Biomedical science

Short Bio:

Striving for excellence has been her forte from a young age, assessing from the awards Sanchal has been honoured with, from her previous institutions where she pursued her primary education; Best student of the class by the Chinmaya Mission Balvihar, Hong Kong and Excellence award by Kowloon Junior School, Hong Kong, for her valuable contribution to the Battle of Books (2008-09).Sanchal has exhibited an ability to think critically and raise pertinent questions during class.  She performed well during debates and showed a proclivity towards inquiry-based activities.  She is capable of constructing well structured arguments and looking at a problem from all perspectives as was evident in her essay and presentation.Sanchal’s ability to contribute her best is not limited to academics alone.  She has expanded her interest to other areas proving her skills as a multitalented student.  She has rendered a commendable performance consistently in the field of arts and sports. She achieved a distinction at the grade-3 level in piano from the Royal Schools of Music – 2009 and a Green Belt in martial arts. She has a flair for drawing and designing which was reflected in the various charts exhibited for different presentations / campaigns and invitations for the school programmes.  She is a graceful dancer, who has entertained the school crowd and won applause at the inter-school and intra-school competitions.  Being a voracious reader, who is eager to share her knowledge and skills, fetched the certificate of appreciation awarded by our school, for her involvement, planning and efficient execution of the TIPS – NACE SOCCER CHALLENGE held in 2015. She was admired for her team spirit as a delegate in the IIMUN and HMUN by her committee.

College Info:

The University of Hong Kong (often abbreviated as HKU, sometimes known informally as Hong Kong University) is a public research university located in Pokfulam, Hong Kong. Founded in 1911, it is the oldest tertiary institution in Hong Kong.[5] It is often cited as one of the most prestigious universities in Asia. Today, HKU has gained international recognition for its accomplishments as a research-led comprehensive university.

Course Info:

The Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (BBiomedSc) programme was introduced in the academic year 2012-13. It is a four-year full-time credit-based programme leading to the award of a degree in biomedical sciences.The programme aims at nurturing graduates with a broad but core knowledge base of key biomedical disciplines. They will be well-trained to develop careers in a wide range of areas, such as research in university, government or medical laboratories; research and development for the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical devices and laboratory instrumentation industries; management and business development related to pharmaceutical, diagnostic and therapeutic products; clinical trials management; media and communication; health promotion, hospital administration and healthcare planning in the government sector; and teaching. They will also acquire an excellent base for future study at the level of MPhil/PhD, or seeking admission to a medical programme.

Course Fee:
First year local  tution fee – HK$ 42,100
Non-local Tuition Fee – HK$140,000 per year

Living Cost: 
HK$45,000 per student for 10 months (excluding tuition fees)