Reshma A.

Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts & Science - B.Sc Visual Communication

Short Bio:

Reshma is a confident, matured and a great role model for her classmates who makes smart decisions, admits mistakes and listens to opportunities to improve. She relates well to classmates and is appreciative of different perspectives and experiences who is reliable, follows directions effectively through on her commitments to everyone. She has shown a great attitude overcoming big challenges in her learning time. She has a great helping hand.

College Info:

KCLAS has developed its academic programs based on building the 21st Century skills, Model of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and World Economic Forum (WEF). To thrive in today’s innovation-driven economy; workers need a different mix of skills than in the past. In addition to foundational skills like literacy and numeracy, they need competencies like collaboration, creativity and problem-solving, and character qualities like persistence, curiosity and initiative.

Course Info:

Visual Communication being a young academic discipline, has become one of the most relevant and exciting subjects in the diversified media scape. The course has gained popularity among the wide range of media jobs and the growing need for skilled workforce to provide creative products and solutions. The course aims to prepare responsible media professional through a holistic learning approach. The course design helps to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and enables students to pursue careers in creative and media industries.

The course employs flexible, creative and independent approach that allow students to extend their horizon of learning through lectures, expert conversations, workshops, field visits, screenings, practical activities, flipped classroom, one on one mentoring sessions, participatory group works and peer group learning. Students are encouraged to participate in career enhancement program and soft skill trainings that keeps them in the forefront of employability. Students are motivated to take up industry projects and to participate in-house media productions.

Tuition Fees :

INR 1.2 Lakhs / year