Pranav Gandhi

Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts & Science - Psychology

Short Bio:

Pranav Lalit Gandhi is a shrewd person who goes with the flow of life. He is independent, respectable and analytical with keen observation. With a magnetic charisma he seeks wisdom and perfection through individualistic and serene way. He has a deep desire and yearning to learn and he possess the abilities that will assist him in being a great teacher in any field.

College Info:

Today, KCLAS is rooted in the Philosophy of Liberal Arts education of offering broad based education for holistic development with indepth understanding of the chosen discipline. It offers a curriculum designed to provide students with the knowledge and abilities to become successful, productive members of a society. While rooted in the foundational tenets, KCLAS looks forward to the fast-changing economy and society. Our vision to become a progressive research focused Institution that instills passion for lifelong learning and mould young people to impact the world.

Course Info:

Psychology is a part of personal, professional, and social life of everyone. The field explores human behaviour and mental process scientifically. Psychological principles are used in Mental Health, Interpersonal Relationship, Academia, Business, Sports, Media, Military, Social Work, Culture etc., to ensure improvement and productivity.

School of Psychology at KCLAS is in the making of impactful Psychologists who would build a future congenial society. Meticulous theoretical approach along with hands-on training, helps learners to identify patterns in one’s thoughts, behaviors and predictions based on evidence. To have broad career choices, Psychology programme includes courses which focuses on Fundamentals of Psychology, Biological Process of Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Health Psychology and Social Psychology. Action / Real-time research method is used in the teaching-learning process to ensure practical understanding and facilitates critical thinking.

Tuition Fees :

~ INR 1.5 Lakhs / year