Narain Prabakar

Tuke university - Mechanical engineering 

Short Bio:
Narain Prabakar is an enthusiastic student. Due to his fun-loving attitude and good socializing skills, he was popular in his batch. His varied interests are building relationships, dancing, acting and sports. Being a good dancer, he has entertained the school during fests and inter-school dance competitions. He has represented the District level Basketball Association, and also adjudged as the ‘Best athlete’ of the school.Narain is passionate about computer technology. He is a Certified Oracle Programmer and a Creative analyst.As a team, we appreciate his confidence and enthusiasm in rendering his responsibilities whole-heartedly.

College Info:
TUKE provides a wide range of educational opportunities at all three levels of study in Slovak and English. Internationalization of education offers a broad variety of possibilities for both Slovak and foreign students in EU countries.TUKE will provide its environment with scientific and technological knowledge basis, innovation and workforce, in order to form beneficial and sustainable future and high quality of life. This will be achieved at TUKE by innovative research and excellent education in all scientific branches of respective University Faculties. TUKE caters for a wide range of educational needs not only in the East-Slovak region, but throughout Slovakia and Central Europe, as in many specializations it is the only centre of education and research in this area. TUKE closely co-operates with other universities and with industrial organizations throughout the region and the Slovak Republic.

Course Info:
Program graduates are able to analyze, design, construct and review large engineering devices, as well as provide research outputs with high creativity and self‐activity. Graduates obtain a detailed knowledge in the field of the mechanical engineering, which provide them the ability to manage work teams. They are able to lead projects independently and takeover liability for complex solutions. They will be able to use scientific approaches, because they have experience with formulation of hypothesis, with design of experiments, hypothesis verification and analyses of obtained data.Graduates of Faculty of mechanical engineering TUKE are offered lucrative job offers even during their studies and are currently working all around the world. Unemployment rare of graduates are very close to 0.

Course Fee:
3500 Euro/year

Living Cost: 
41,394.50Rs (515.89€) without rent.