Lakshmi K.S.

Singapore Management University - Bachelor of Business Management

Short Bio:

Lakshmi possess a calm positive nature. She is passionate about film and enjoy exploring and learning different topics and concepts, which heavily kindled her interest in the IBDP throughout her time at TIPS. She enjoyed exploring various pursuits like baking and playing the guitar for her CAS portfolio, which consisted of activities that made her grow as a person. She used to find joy in writing and enhanced her authorial prowess through a number of essays on varying topics. Her curiosity in TOK gave her an eye-opening experience that made her discover a new perspective on life. She is extremely accommodative and supportive throughout the two years which was the biggest driving factor that made to work hard and put her as a self-disciplined human being.

College Info:

A premier university in Asia, the Singapore Management University (SMU) is internationally recognised for its world-class research and distinguished teaching. Established in 2000, SMU’s mission is to generate leading-edge research with global impact and to produce broad-based, creative, and entrepreneurial leaders for the knowledge-based economy. SMU’s education is known for its highly interactive, collaborative, and project-based approach to learning.

Course Info:

Our BBM students can opt to graduate with a major by focusing on a particular discipline within business. This requires taking a set of six courses that fulfil the major’s requirements. Within some of these majors, there are various tracks that students may choose to further specialise in. SMU students can curate their own academic experience by specialising in more than one area of interest. They can broaden their scope of learning by opting for a second major offered by LKCSB or other schools in SMU.

BBM students taking a second major offered by LKCSB will have to complete the six courses listed under the respective majors below. The course requirements for first and second business majors are the same. Non-BBM students can also choose a major offered by LKCSB by completing the six courses listed under the chosen major, in addition to two business core courses to build their foundation in business. The course requirements for non-BBM students can be found here.

Tuition Fees :

SGD 24,850 / year