Lakshiitha K.

University of Leicester - Business Management

Short Bio:

Laksitha is a tenacious person with a lot of self-awareness who is always in control of her actions and emotions. She is an outgoing extrovert with a strong sense of self. She is a self motivated individual who has the drive and desire to achieve her goals. As an optimistic person she assumes that she will succeed and do not dwell on her past mistakes or failures.

College Info:

The University was founded as Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland University College in 1921. The site for the University was donated by a local businessman, Thomas Fielding Johnson, in order to create a living memorial for all local people who made sacrifices during the First World War. This is reflected in the University’s motto Ut vitam habeant – ‘so that they may have life’.Students were first admitted to the college in 1921, sitting examinations for external degrees awarded of the University of London. In 1927 the institution became University College, Leicester; 30 years later the college was granted its Royal Charter.

Course Info:

Our Business and Management BA offers you a programme of learning which will expose you to the realities of management and the managerial experience in a variety of contexts. The course covers the relevance of both management theory and practice for the solution of problems in international, national and local arenas and in the private and public sectors. You will be provided with an educational experience which both complements and challenges accepted thinking, norms and perceptions in business and management. All of our management degrees are dual accredited with ILM, the UK’s leading Leadership and Management Awarding Organisation.

Tuition Fees :

£ 19,700 / year