Kaviyaa Sri P.

Monash University - Chemical engineering

Short Bio:

She is soft spoken girl, interested in fashion designing, very creative. She makes friends easily. She possesses a beautiful handwriting.

College Info:

From a single campus at Clayton with fewer than 400 students, Monash has grown into a network of campuses, education centres and partnerships spanning the globe. With well in excess of 60,000 students (and 350,000 alumni) from over 170 countries, we are today Australia’s largest university. The University now offers a broad selection of courses within 10 faculties: Art, Design and Architecture; Arts; Business and Economic; Education; Engineering; Information Technology; Law; Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences; Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; and Science.

Course Info:

Chemical engineers invent, design and develop processes that convert raw materials into products, with minimal environmental impact. They are also involved with pollution control, protection of the environment and energy conservation and conversion. Many everyday items involve chemical engineering during some stage of their production: computer chips, mobile phones, petrol, paper and coffee, just to name a few. Chemical engineering has its foundation in chemistry, physics and mathematics, as well as other fields including the applied and biological sciences, and economics.

Tuition Fees :

AUD 50,000