Kavinraj R.S.

Jindal Global Business School - BA in Business Administration

Short Bio:
An enthusiastic and fun loving boy, Kavin displayed good grasping skills in all the subjects. He had maintained a amiable relationship with his teachers. Popular among his friends for his jovial nature, he never hesitated to help them in their dire state of needs. He was a hard working person, who never deterred from his responsibility as a student.

College Info:
Jindal Global Business School (JGBS), the second school established in 2010, offers a multidisciplinary global business education to foster academic excellence through industry partnerships and global collaborations. JGBS seek to make an impact through its various degree programmes, executive education, research and consulting. It promotes global courses and curriculum, global research and collaborations, and global programmes and interaction through a global faculty.The curricula are designed on the outcomes based teaching and learning model. The pedagogy emphasizes learning through discovery rather than from classroom instruction, problem-solving instead of rote-learning and critical thinking as opposed to acquiring knowledge as information. In other words, the curriculum focuses on discovery and self-reflection promoting lifelong learning skills. In this pursuit, activities like live projects, field assignments and simulation games form an integral part of the programme. The Programmes incorporate industry internships to achieve holistic learning and a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary business environment. JGBS has attracted full-time students from countries including South Asia and various parts of Africa, studying to obtain degrees (MBA & PhD). Our faculty members mirror the diversity in the student body with many hailing from other countries.

Course Info:
The three-year fully residential BBA Degree programme is designed to give you a global business management perspective through a unique pedagogy of learning and interaction among peers. Today’s global economy rewards people who can traverse borders, understand cultures and operate in international-context. With industry focus, this programme aims to make you proficient in using software tools, processes and best practices that they will need to get jobs in the industry.

Course Fee: 
Rs. 4.0 Lacs per year

Living Cost:
INR 24,648 (without rent)